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Welcome to Africation

This site is dedicated to the education and enlightenment of the worldwide African Diaspora

Here you will find



  • OldSoul
    The extensive audio library of Brother OldSoul's Consciousness Raising classes. Listen Live to brotha OldSoul as he lays it down about the African American experience and gives us the heads up on events in this world that affect us ~ every Sunday at noon EST. Raising the Conscious of African Americans from Understanding to Overstanding Themselves and Their World
  • Overstanding University
    • Akaba House
      Homeschool Resource Center. Akaba is a Yoruba word meaning ladder. Here it is also an acronym for African Knowledge and Basic Academics.
    • Language Resource Center
      Learn to speak, read and write the five languages that may prove to be the most important languages of the 21 st century: Swahili, Spanish, Portugese,French and Chinese.
    • Black Culture
      Discover the people and ideas that make up our rich African heritage..
    • The Motherland
      Increase your knowledge of the African continet.
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Afrocentric Links.
Websites of interest to those who seek afrocentric knowledge.

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