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About Home Schooling

Basics of Homeschooling

Of course there's more to home schooling than just jumping up and deciding you want to home school your child. As problematic as the public school system is today, home schooling has its own set of challenges. The purpose of this website is to make parents aware of what home schooling involves and to offer resources and answers to handle these challenges effectively. However, you can't handle a challenge at all, much less effectively, if you don't know what that challenge is.

The legal issues of home schooling involve state by state requirements for complying with compulsory education laws. These include requirements for qualifying as a legitimate home school, qualifications of the teacher, what core subjects must be taught, attendance requirements and other requirements for running a legally recognized home school. These requirements vary widely from state to state. The website providing this information is not run by or in anyway affiliated with Akaba and is therefore offered as is, strictly for your information. You may want to check with your state to ensure the information is up to date. As you navigate their site a link back to Akaba will always be at the top of the page.

Along with the general social activities provided on the above link African-American parents will want to network with other parents and community leaders to involve their children in afrocentric activities such as rites of passage, neighborhood beautification teams, money management and drug avoidance seminars, visits to cultural museums, dramatic and musical performance. Use your imagination.