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The following resources will help you master the academic requirements of homeschooling and brush up on some subjects you may have forgotten.

California Content Standards

Use California's Board of Education Content Standards to be sure your child is learning what he/she shoulod be learning at the proper grade level.


General academics can be made more interesting to children by showing their practical use.
  • Teach reading with newspapers and magazines. How well does your child comprohend written reports of world events and the speeches of leaders and critics?
  • Teach writing by havint your child respond to the things she/he reads or by describing, analyzing real life situations and his/her own behavior.
  • Teach advanced mathematics through an understanding of capitalism and financing, interest rates and mortgages, how money works and how to use it.
  • Teach science by studying the structure of the solar system and galaxies, planting a seed and studyying the life forms around a river or lake.
  • Teach social studies byy visiting hospitals, prisons, nursing homes and government buildings.
  • If you set your mind to it you can think of a practical application of every subject your child is required to learn.
We have become so used to convenience. convention and routine that we automatically rule out anything that requires an extra effort otr takes us out of our comfort zone. You may be thinking right now that I just don't know how hard it is. That may be true, but I do know this : these are our children. If we are not willing to go the extra mile for them we should not expect anyone else to. Once we have become comfortable woth hopelessness and bleak futres, once we conveniently quote the Bible when our children rebel against us because we have made no effort to have something to offer them, what will it take to bring us back to the point where we taught ourselves on pain of death or being sold into the deptths of slavery? These are our children. There is something we can do.