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We live in a global world. That means that people from many different places around the world intersct and share with one another on an everyday level. If we want our children to be able to compete in the world they will live in they must have knowledge of that world and they must have something to contribute to that world. It's wonderful to know that our ancestors built the pyramids and the inventor of the cotton gin was a Blacck man, but every generation must make its own contribution. The Sankofa bird looks back but its feet point forward.

Bwlow are some areas of global knowledge that will give our children a foundation for competing in this fast shrinking world.


Americans have always expected everybody else to learn Enlish. But now we have competition and our arrogance will prove to be sheer ignorance. There are a few langages that it will be important for your child to have at least some knowledge.


Test and increase your knowledge of places in the world

Basics of Business

Many times when we think of having our own business we think only in turms of retail--selling stuff. There's a lot more to it than that and until we master and make inroads into the other areas of business we will always be at the mercy of groups who will look out for number one and take advantage of our ignorance.