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Akaba Home Schooling Resource Center
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Welcome to Akaba House Homeschooling Resource Center

Welcome to the Akaba Home School Resource Centerr

Akaba is a Yoruba word meaning ladder. Here it is also an acronym for African knowledge and Basic Academics. In the African-American community education has always been seen as a ladder to social and economic opportunity. While that still holds true, the fact is, a lot of our children are going through school without receiving a proper education.

With so many of our children being pushed from grade to grade withput basic academic skills more and more African-American parents are exploring home schooling as an alternative to public education. Yet, there are so many questions. How can we insure that our home schooled children have the background they need to enter college? What about socialization? What does it mean to educate a Black child?

Akaba seeks to address these issues with the knowledge that our Black children are the most precious asset we have and deserve the best education. Since this is not a priotity with the policy makers of public education, we dare to take it into our own hands and provide it for ourselves. What we want to do is enhance the "each one teach one" philosophy with resources that will spread true knowledge throughout our communities.