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AfriCultures of the Diaspora


African cultures around the world continue to fascinate all peoples. How much do you know about the cultural practices of the African Diaspora? Below is a small sample from many West African, South African and Caribbean traditions. To return to this page from the following sites click the return link at the top of each page. Some of the internal links on these sites were designed by their authors to open a new window which will require you to hit your back button or close that window to return to Africation. We apologize for this inconvenience which is beyond our control.

  • Akan
    The spirit of Ghana
  • Australia
    Yes, our brothers and sisters down under are part of the Africaan diaspora
  • Barbados
    Calypso and rum in the air
  • Brazil
    The largest concentration of Africans outside of Africa
  • Cuba
    Music and passion are always in fashion and now they've gone Hip Hop
  • South Africa
    Contemporary African culture is a vibrant combination of the old and the new
    Afro soul
    Watch and listen live on YouTube
  • Trinidad
    Arawaks on these islands
  • Yoruba
    Masters of Wood and Metal Art