Dravidian India
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Dravidian (Black India)

Before the Aryan invasion of the Indus Valley the original inhabitants of the Indian civilization (also known as the Tamilians) were Black. With the Aryans came the caste system where the darker people were relegated to the bottom and called "untouchables." A lot of what today is called Hinduism is actually a corruption of the Dravidians traditional spiritual system.


Evidence of the Aryan Invasion

Concept of God

While the Aryan Hindus worshipped Khrishna in the north, the Dravidians worshipped the Supreme Being in their own way and called his name Kartikeya. They also called this same God by the names of Murugan, Subramaniam and Velan, Just like the Christians would do thousands of years later, the Dravidians recognized the "Sun" of God. The mythology surounding the sun-child is rich in spiritual/psychological significance.

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