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Africation Spiritual Heritage

The Sankofa bird looks back and moves forward When they brought us to this country to be slaves in the land of the free they told us we are only three-fifths human. That is true. What they forgot to mention is that the other two-fifths are divine. I was excited when I heard these words spoken by Chief Elder Osiris. How can we become all that we were created to be if we know not who we are or where we came from? Our oppressors are eager that we forget the past. Get over it they admonish us. But the past is the visible future. It's where we will be if we let others interpret our world for their benefit not ours. On these pages you will read about the rich and vibrant heritage bequeathed to us by our African Ancestors. You will also read how that heritage was stolen from us and replaced with our oppressors version of who we are.