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Overstanding African Food

So much of the food we claim as our own (soul food) was actually left overs after our slavemasters took the best fruits of our labor and gave us back what they would not eat: chitterlings, hamhocks, collard greens, etc. Even though we were still able to take the worst "foods" and make them tasste good,it is time we stopped eating like slaves (after all slavery is over, or so they tell me) and use sankofa to rediscover our African culinary heritage.
Healthy eating begins with the decision todo it. Here's one very simple yet powerful secret: If we don't buy it we can't eat it. Another secret: despite what our minds and taste buds may tell us nothing bad will happen if we don't have those chocolate chip cookies. There's no non-addictive pill that we can take to relieve us from the consequences of our lifestyle without changing that lifestyle. And there is nothing that will totally eliminate the need for self discipline. You won't find that here but what you will find is information to help you make healthy eating choices from the grocery store to the table.
The following recordings from the brotha OldSoul repertoire are loaded with important food facts and ways to take control of our lives.

African Recipes

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Identifying and Harvesting Edible Plantss

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