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Overstanding Our African Culture and Heritage

Self Knowledge is Key to Opening the African Mind

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Raising the Conscious of African Americans from Understanding to Overstanding Themselves and Their World

Welcome to the Overstanding University, a place to learn and grow, to hear and know. Our African ancestrors left us with one commandment Man, know thyself This is crucial because until you know yourself everything else that you kow will only enslave you.

At the Overstanding University we will explore different aspects of our African culture and heritage as a path to self knowledge.

Overstanding World Languages Learn to speak, read and write the five languages that may prove to be the most important languages of the 21 st century: Swahili, Spanish, Portugese,French and Chinese.
Overstanding African Cultural Heritage Discover the people and ideas that make up our rich African heritage..
Overstanding Our African Motherland Increase your knowledge of the African continet.
Overstanding African Education AkabaHouse Homeschooling Resource Center provides resources not only for homeschoolers but also for anyone who wishes to suppliment our children's public education from an afrocentric worldview. Provides basic academic, life skills and cultural resources.

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