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Words From the Yoruba Language

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Learning a new language opens doors in our mind. It opens doors not only of communication with others but it also allows us to understand a worldview different from our own. We began to think and understand concepts that our one single language could not grasp. It begins with learning words for things we deal with daily. That's natural language learning. From there we take it where we want to take it, learning new words for things and concepts until we can not only speak, listen, read ad write in that language but also think in that language.

The words shown in this video are from the Yoruba language. The Yoruba are a very large ethnic group in southwest Nigeria. Many African Americans can be traced back to the Yoruba

The Yoruba recognize one Supreme Creator who in their language is called Olodumare. Many of the guardian spirits (orisha) of the Yoruba were identified with Catholic saints in the Carobbean creating what is kown as Santaria.