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Africation People

Wherever there are Africans the African culture dominates even where the African people themselves are oppressed. As Africans around the world we must make it one of our goals for the 21st century to reverse the unjust situation where everyone benefits from our creative energies except us.

The following links explore the contributions we as Africans have made to the world throughout history and in contemporary times. One of the questions people are bound to ask is why is it necessary to note that the people who made these contributions are Black. Aren't we all humans? Let me ask this question: why is it necessary to note that the teenagers who robbed a liquor store were Black? Why is it necessary to note that the crowd of people who turned violent was Black? Why is color such vital information when a crime has been committed but when good deeds are done suddenly we're all just humans. In order to see achievement as something they can and should aspire to our children must be exposed to achievers they can identify with. It is with this in mind that I present the following areas of great African achievements.


Solomon Linda of South Africa
3rd Ear Music


Malidoma Patrice Some of West Africa
Esmeralda Ribeiro of Brazil


African Proverbs


Fine Caribbean Art
African Sculptures in Ancient Mexico

Spirituality and Religion

African Influence On Western Religious Thought


African Architecture and Design

The Temple of Hatshepsut
Senenmut: The Architect


Marva Collins


William Cuffay
Barak Obama
Shirley Chisolm


Martin Cooper - Inventor of the cell phone


Aleen Bailey Aleen Bailey

Aboriginal Sports Circle