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About Rhonda Denise Johnson

Why I Write
I sit down at my computer and look at that first blank page, wondering what on Earth I'm supposed to do with it. What makes me think I can . . .? But when an idea is percolating in my head, I know a story is there, and I must write it. I imagine you, the reader, smiling, laughing, hollering at my characters, remembering something in your life, and I get a very good feeling. It's like when you know what your purpose is in life, and it's something that affects people in a good way.
What I Write
As a reader, I'm fascinated by well written fantasy novels. As a writer, I find that magic just naturally works it's way into my stories, even when I'm not purposefully writing a straight-up fantasy novel.

Readers will travel through time and space in The Crossroads of Time and its coming sequel Where in the Whirl .

Personal Motto
Despair will not help me solve a probllem or make it go away, so why give in to it?
I have a masters in English from California State University, Los Angeles, where I taught basic writing to undergraduates as part of the Teaching Associate program. Most of my students spoke English as a second language or came from high schools that did not adequately prepare them for college level writing. It was my job to prepare them to pass the writing proficiency exam. I wrote a paper for and moderated over a graduate conference and served as vice president of the Creative Writing Club.
Some of My Favorite Authors
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Note: For series I've only linked to the first book.

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