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Out of the Spiritual Matrix

How can you enslave a people who know who they are and what they have? You cannot put chains on a man's body yet leave him spiritually free and expect him to be a a good slave.

Whether we live in America, on the Motherland continent or anywhere else in the African diaspora many of us have been systematically programmed to disdain our own spiritual heritage and embrace the god of our oppressors. Black christians in America are taught to fear anything that even looks like it came from Africa . We are taught that witch doctors might have prayed over it and if we keep it in our homes we will become demon possessed and bad things will happen to us. This fear was beat into our collective psyche generation after generation to make us spiritually dependent on white people. Because we are by nature a spiritual people the best way to subjugate us is to substitute emotionalism and religious doctrine for true spirituality.

As the word from Africa goes "The white man came to our land with his Bible and taught us to pray with our eyes closed. when we opened our eyes he had our land and we had his Bible." In America a few of us are waking up to the fact that, as Dr, Ray Hagins put it, there is nothing a slavemaster will give us that is designed to set us free.

The purpose of the spiritual pages here is not to step on anyone's faith nor to discourage anyone from believing in what they feel they need to sustain themselves. These pages are for those who have begun to ask questions and are dissatisfied with pat answers. These pages are for those who wonder how they can have truth without knowledge. And these pages are for those who find that the god of the Bible bears no resemblance to their Creator.

What is True Spirituality?

Detoxing From Religious Indoctrination